Deeper Love

No relationship is perfect nor will one ever be. But things like trust, God at the center, and good communication are things that should be focused on. Every relationship needs a good connection so that together you can be strong and the love can only grow stronger. There are ups and downs. Days when things between you two just aren’t going the best. You may feel like giving up or quitting, but you know you love them too much. That’s why you work through it and that’s why you need a connection full of love so that you can stay strong in faith. Personally in our relationship, we focus on many things from week to week just to maintain that strong connection. Spend time reading Scripture together and studying it so that you both can grow in your faith. Talk about it and pray about the things you’ve learned. Maybe memorize a couple verses a week and hold each other accountable. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from one another. Another thing is making sure no pleasure, or other thing is coming in between your relationship with God. Keep Him first, stay obedient to Him and you will see your relationship flourish in numerous ways. Also, just communicate. Ignorging one another isn’t good. In order to have a connection with potential to develop even stronger, you need good communication, good alone time where you’re enjoying life and learning more and more about each other. It’s sometimes the little things that can mean the most. Surprise each other, laugh at one another, have fun, and strive to keep every moment bright. Every day should be fun and if those times aren’t helping you grow in love, you need to re-evaluate. True love never gets tired of each other. It just gets stronger day by day. One of the most important things I believe is to end the day on a good note. It’s never good to be angry at one another, be mad at God, sleep without trust, those things just won’t keep the relationship healthy. Talk about it and pray together. Prayer works, even in the weakest times of your relationship. Those are the times when you two need God most. And it is through those weak times, that when you prosper, your connection grows stronger as well. James 4:8 says, “Draw close to God, and He will draw close to you.” This is a great verse to focus on when wondering how you can strengthen your relationship. It all starts with God, growing close to him so that He can allow a stronger connection through you. Stay connected and enjoy every moment you spend together. But remember that no relationship is perfect and that we all have flaws. Appreciate the good things and accept the flaws. There will be bad days and arguments, but every single one can be worked through, prayed about and you will come out stronger than ever. Keep the connection. Keep God close. Every relationship has room to grow in love. Make your connection stronger, make your love deeper.